Sunday, April 12, 2009


What can I say about what I believe. It's Easter today. Now that I have three bumbling little boys Easter has become one of those times where I'm excited about coloring eggs and making yummy treats. Getting together with the family is also a huge perk.
Easter dinner. I know, not very spectacular. I made a breakfast casserole and orange jello in the shape of a bunny. You might wonder why Cinci is in one room and we are in the kitchen. Well, let's just say that sometimes its easier to dine separately. Mopping the floor after dinner again wasn't going to help me be the happy mom I like to be.

But really Easter means much more to me than that. As a Christian I believe that death isn't something we have to worry about. Of course we worry about those we leave behind, but anxiety about our destination after this life is not a concern. I'm a sinner. A big one. I sin every day, almost every minute. If you ever could hear what I'm thinking inside my head sometimes, you'd realize that I am indeed a sinner.

Being a Mormon, or Christian, or any religion can't save me from that fact. I sure am thankful that Jesus has given me a perfect example. Sometimes its really hard to see Him as what I'm striving to be like. But he knows me and will help me. He does help me when I stop relying solely on myself for the solutions to my problems. Anyway, its impossible for me to describe how important He is to me. So I won't try. Just wanted everyone to know that I do think beyond chocolate eggs and marshmallow bunnies on Easter.
As for Easter resolutions, I have a few.
1. Sing a song before our scripture study in the morning.
2. Include the Tumbleweeds in the reading, even though they can't really read.
3. Have fun. That means I have to smile and act happy even if I'm not.

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Strawberry Girl said...

Thank you for the honesty, we are all sinners, and imperfect. Yet we have hope to be better because of Jesus Christ. :o)