Monday, March 2, 2009


As I leap and glide from place to place, dressed in my imaginary tutu, I meet delightful people from faraway lands. Every time I meet someone from a particular place I immediately connect them with someone else that I know from that same place or with someone that reminds me of that place. Lately, that place has been Ethiopia. Here is what I knew and now know about Ethiopia:

1. Growing up, my older brother used to run. Fast. He used to win us a turkey every Thanksgiving in some race or other. In junior high and high school he was a star athlete in track and field, however, one year he didn't try out. When asked why, his reply was, "When I run I get too thin. I don't want to look like an Ethiopian."

2. In one of the Indiana Jones movies, I think it was Raiders of the Lost Ark, they either go to, or just mention Addis Ababa, which is the capital city of Ethiopia.

3. Ethiopians run fast and win marathons in the Olympics.

4. There is no food in Ethiopia.

5. In an Italian history class my professor, Dr. Choate, taught me about how the Italians tried to go down to Africa and take over parts of Ethiopia.

6. My babysitter, Kuku, who I really call Cookie, is from Ethiopia. She is darling.

7. The things I know about Ethiopia are not very accurate. I have a lot of studying to do.


Sonja said...

Hey! I just remembered. Do you remember the lady in our ward we use to visit who was from Ethiopia? I remember the huge round of flat bread she shared with us. And her beautiful accent.

Strawberry Girl said...

Cookie really does look like a darling. I too know a little about a lot, and not enough of much. ;p

Taranani said...

You are so funny, Christine. You know more than the average american about ethiopia at least! You know the capitol! How many people (besides geography nerds like Cameron and me) can say that? That is a funny story about Cameron. I see the same thing developing in Isaiah already, where apperance is so important to him. Scary! Although Cam doesn't run anymore, he will be the first to tell you what an awesome soccer player he is. A lot of good that does us. I want free Turkeys! ;-)

Taranani said...

Cameron came home today and said, "I am the Man." I expected another soccer story about how he radically jumped 17 feet in the air, over 5 opposing players, to score a goal, kicking upside down, after which he soared over the dividers that set the boundaries for the indoor soccer field. But it was a different feat today... guess what? Running. He decided it had been too long since he had ran, (three months) but he managed to blow his old time away in his mile and a half run. I guess I better tell him to get ready for the turkey races after all.

Taranani said...

PS Cameron thinks I was making fun of him with my description of how awesome he is at soccer, so let the record show... He really is that good.

Marcelo D2 said...

That was a nice article. I didn’t know nothing about the Ethiopia , well almost nothing , because I knew that they don’t have lots of food and I thought people from there were extremely skinny. You know, no food plus no eaten is equal skinny people. Before I knew Gisele the super model was from Brazil, I thought she was an Ethiopian… Say hi to Cookie, she is lovely. Now I gotta go cause after all of this reading about Ethiopia made me Hungry and guess what I’m gonna eat? Cookies and Milllllllllke! ahuahhaa