Monday, February 9, 2009

Days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 . . .

Mommy and Baby

Crocodile Park in Torremolinos. A very cool experience. They had at least a hundred crocs. Real beauts! This is a picture of their largest male Nile crocodile. He was 13 feet long and very fat looking. The tour guide would get in the cage with him and 4 or 5 females and poke them with his stick. He'd bug them so much and they hissed and snapped at him. Our kids were very entertained.After the tour we got to hold a baby crocodile. Cinci and Sherms weren't scared to touch him but Atticus was. He just stood back and watched.Playtime at the park that was in the Crocodile Park.

Me and a good friend Isa. She is a music teacher at a public elementary school. We became friends when I was here the very first time. She was in my first flamenco guitar class. She is an excellent musician.

Papa, as I call him. Atticus got him good on his nose and is giving a kiss to make up for it. Papa would kill me if he knew I was posting this picture. Don't tell him.

Mama and Papa.

Atticus and Shermy having fun together as we walked to a rural church in the nearby hills.

Atticus and Shermy with the church in the background. Can you see it? It's all white.

We found a river on our way. We played there for a few hours with string and styrofoam boats brought from home.

Mediterranean breeze.

Solitude on the Costa del Sol? Really?

Cinci biffed it big time on our walk to the church in the hills. Poor kid. Here he is on a ride at Tivoli World, an amusement park in Benalmadena.

"I'm not sure about this Mommy"

"Hi Mommy!"

Here I am in front of my future summer home. Maybe.


Strawberry Girl said...

Fun, fun, fun!!!

(And) You look great!! :0)

Sunny said...

I love all the pictures and hearing more about your adventure back to your village. Glad you guys had such a fun trip.