Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Slightly-bigger-than-Cinci Christmas Tree

So I finally decided that my kids are old enough to understand that there are a certain number of days in a month, hence the advent calendar in the form of paper stockings. I got the idea from here. But instead of putting candy inside I stuck a piece of this puzzle inside. I already shower my kids with candy anyway. And below you have our highly professional family photo taken with the awesome background of our slightly-bigger-than-Cinci Christmas tree. I love this tree. It will always have a special meaning in my heart. You know how I woe-is-me'd you in a previous post about my last year in Turkey? Well, I guess someone else knew how unhappy we were because this little tree with lights and an envelope of money (a lot of money) showed up for us shortly before we made our decision to return to the States for Christmas. I know there is only one way people can know things about other people they hardly spend any time with. I have a few guesses of who it was. But I will let them continue to feel like they did it in secrecy. I hope that I can do something as monumental for someone this year as that gift was for us last year. Merry Christmas!


Rebekah said...

Hey Christine,

Could you email me your address? Would love to send you a Christmas card. :)

I'm beckerbuns at gmail dot com.

Happy holidays!

Nancy said...

Cuh-ute advent calendar! Merry Christmas to you! Perhaps if we make it out to Turkey sometime we can plan to meet. :) Likewise if you guys ever meander out to Egypt. Our door is always open to a friend of the fam!

Strawberry Girl said...

That's so fun, I love unexpected suprises like that. I miss you guy's so it will be great for me if you come back (but then I don't know where you would end up anyway and Turkey sounds like a great place). If I don't make it back to your blog before Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Sonja said...