Friday, November 21, 2008

El Abrazo de Poder

You know how every WWF wrestler has their special move. Well, my oldest son has his special move too. It's called "el abrazo de poder" (the hug of power). What he does is get you from behind. He locks his hands around your neck and hugs with all his might. Today he got me. I was helping Shermie get his shoes on and of course I was caught unaware. I was able to say "Stop" but not much more because I started coughing and pretty soon I had to sweep my arm under his legs the best I could to get him to fall. My airways opened again and I was fine. I'm just sooooooo thankful that children begin to feel empathy at a young age. Think of how dangerous children could be if they didn't start to realize they have the power to hurt people. Anyway, despite the dangers of the Abrazo de Poder we continue to be silly and laugh at zany things as we try to enjoy life.

Tonight we went out to dinner as a family. We dined at the mall. I know, not very exciting. Since I started this Healthy Habits regimen the crappy fast food doesn't appeal to me as it used to. I don't know if it's because we're in Turkey and the food is not prepared the same or that I'm changing and turning into someone healthy. So after dinner I had my husband go to the Carrefour and stock up on chocolate. I'm hoping that after I finish this post I can indulge in my previous addictions and see if they make me as happy as they used to. I realize that I will be intentionally failing in my goals to eat well and be healthy but I assure you, I am in control. This is totally premeditated and that's why I don't think it's so bad. It's when I eat a spur of the moment piece of chocolate that the self control goes out the door.


Sunny said...

El abrazo de poder sounds pretty intense! Hope you enjoy your chocolate!

Aimee said...

You crack me up! Premeditated self control of chocolate. But I totally get you.

Michal said...

i am chuckling at your premeditated binge! how did it feel after the fact? delightful? sometimes after something like that i feel so satisfied, other times just disgusted.
i'm glad you're with us on the healthy habits.
and i tagged you today for a meme if you are interested.

Sonja said...

mmm....premeditated chocolate. You are so good, woman! I bow to you and your self control. This is something I am still working on. And probably will forever.

I think Anna's move is the "hug of power" too, and I sure hope she figures out the whole empathy thing soon. Good thing she only weighs like, 30 lbs.