Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween-Turkish style

I love Halloween!

I love decorating sugar cookies.

Last year I purchased a large white pumpkin at the local street market, but was not able to carve it very well, let alone display it like I would have wanted. This year I've been keeping my eyes open for something carvable. Today, walking around the Carrefour, I spied these round pumpkin substitutes.

Just the right size for my boys. I carved them today. It was so easy. If you lack pumpkins in your area, use these spherical squash (whatever their real name might be). My kids are loving them. We did our nighttime routine to the light of two mini Jack-O-Lanterns. They took turns blowing out the candles forever. I think my lighter is almost empty from relighting so many times.

On a different note, I just have to say how much I love my Shermy. Today, I waited in a crowded room of parents for my children to emerge from the changing room where they change from their clean shoes to their outside shoes to go home in. Shermy came out first and as he came up to me to hug me, he said,"Mommy, when I go home you need to clean my underwear because it's rewy diwty" Even though he drives me out of my mind with the light switches around the apartment I still can't help ruffling his hair, spanking his bottom, or hugging him so close that I can smell his bad breath (that's stinky and sweet at the same time). He has such a vibrant personality that has slowly been emerging over these last few years. He is literally the most popular kid in his preschool for his silliness. I love my cubicle baby. ( That was his nickname when he was born.)


Sonja said...

Hooray! What fabulous jack-o-lanterns. I can't wait to see your kids again some day. How can they have anything BUT vibrant personalities?

Happy halloween!

Code Yellow Mom said...

I tried carving a white one last year. It was sooooo thick! It tuurned out pretty decently (we made it look like Jack from Nigthmare Before Christmas), but it was really difficult. I like your green pumpkin substitutes. Awesome!

And what a sweet picture of your little guy. I always say, it is a good thing they are cute. :)

Sunny said...

I can so picture Shermy saying that. He is so cute. Your "pumpkin" turned out great.

kate said...

Hmm, I've never seen anything like those squash-- it looks a lot like zucchini, only round. Very cute! Our Carrefour carried actual (smallish) pumpkins for carving.

Re: your note on my blog, I'm actually just outside of Madrid and have no idea of stuff further south. You might try some of these bloggers, as they seem to be closer to that area (except the last one, which of course is me.)


Good luck!

Strawberry Girl said...

Those look kind of like ball squash. They look great!!