Monday, August 25, 2008

Moopy the Red Eared Slider

This is a view of my yard, garden, whatever you want to call the common space all we apartment dwellers share. I think they keep it up pretty nice. My apartment building is in the upper left side of the photo. It's sort of brown. Anyway, when we first moved here we thought we were here to stay. That's why we were so delighted to not only find this pleasant little pond with a pretty garden surrounding it, but a cute little red eared slider(kind of turtle) living in it. We named him Moopy and we visit him before entering our apartment building and right after exiting our building, every day. Sometimes we can't find him, which is strange because there aren't that many places to hide in the man made pond. It's pretty clear water too. They drain it, clean it, and refill it on a regular basis. Where could he possibly go? Who takes care of him? We ask these questions to the neighbors but they just say "He is ours" and refer to everyone. It's kind of cool. A neighborhood turtle. I guess that's the perfect pet for us right now. I would hate to have to haul around a pet to every place we decided to travel. And I would have to too. I get really attached to things. It's kind of silly but I actually feel like toys and inanimate objects have feelings. Not really really. But sort of. I was raised by my mother, and whoever knows her knows that she is the most sentimental, emotional, tender lady in the world. She couldn't hurt anyone's or anything's feelings knowingly. Anyway, I must have watched her too much growing up because she would treat my dolls and toys like real people when we were playing with them. Talk about a cool mom to play with! My oldest brother many times was the reason we had pets. He would bring home cats or birds or squirells or snakes or crawdads from the nearby creek. If they were hurt my mom would drive us all down to the veterinarian's and find out how to take care of them. Then we would nurse the animals back to health. Looking back I remember how fun that was. I guess I'd better write that one down in my "Things to Remember When I Get Older" book.


Taranani said...

Cameron is still bringing home and/or rescuing animals all the time. We live in a revolving zoo. It's not so bad right now, just two cats two dogs, and a fish. That's an improvement as you know. I'll have to devote a blog entry to Cameron's latest escapade... I think I'll title it, "The Outhouse Duck."

Aimee said...

Hey, nice tips to Code Yellow Mom about her upcoming move. I added my own comment as well, fully supporting your suggestions (smart girl!) and adding one of my own.

Taranani said...

Dear Christine, Atticus, Shermie, and Cinci...Do you want to be a lion? It is very fun, and I can teach you. How old are you now Atticus and Shermie? I am six. I started school yesterday. I know what leatherback sea turtles have to do when they are born. They have to follow the light of the moon. I learned that on Diego. That's Cori's favorite show. Are you guys still very crazy? I miss you. Do you have a phone number in Turkey? I might be able to teach you how to be a lion over the phone, but if not- you'll really have to come home for Christmas. Then you can watch Lion King 2 with us, and we can go on elf hunts.

Your favorite cousin, Ali