Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The power of 2

I am outnumbered here in Istanbul. There are many more families with one child than those with two, three, or more. I've been thinking about it lately. I always say to myself, "It is so much easier to have at least two children because then your child has a friend to play with. Otherwise you are always the sought out friend." I believe this is true for that reason but what about all the other drawbacks to having two. What are they? Well, they are endless. Endless and limitless just like your child's imagination is endless and unlimited. However your two decide to get into mischief, it can be a drawback. Like the picture above. Here, I thought that Atticus was genuine in his desire to help me vacuum up the sand of the couches. Nope. He just wanted to vacuum Shermie's hair.

Then there is the slamming of doors in siblings' faces or fingers. What can I say to that one? Well, not very imaginative that's for sure.

Then there's jumping on beds. Do I really object to that one? Not really. I think it's fun. We don't have a trampoline and my boys really have a lot of energy. I think it's a great way to tire them out. As you can see in the picture, Shermie is on something. That's a bed. Their bedroom is full of them. A bunk bed which has it's own set of dangers and diversions, a baby crib which is oh so enticing for the bigger boys to play in, and to top it off two extra twin beds with a foot and a half gap between them. You can just imagine. I hope my father isn't reading this. What's really cool is that on the left side of the beds is a closet with sliding doors. On one of them there is a mirror so as they jump that can look at themselves and see how high they are going or what their hair is doing.
Do I regret having more than one? No. Nor do I judge those who do have one. I try to understand what these turkish women are thinking when they see me discipline my children in public. They must think I'm heartless to treat a child so young with such firmness. I wonder if they know that it hurts me to have my children hurt eachother intentionally. It hurts me and I want it to stop. I can't let them hurt eachother or others without having them know that it's wrong. I wonder if the turkish ladies know what I'm thinking when they let their children walk all over them. Well, this is what I'm thinking. "How do these spoiled little children that have everything given to them until they are in their thirties manage to become such generous hard working people? When does real life happen to them? I guess I'll have the next two years to try to find that out.
Meanwhile I'll focus more directly on my three and remember that when two young minds get together the possibilities are endless. I guess the secret is to hide your precious items and make the house as safe as possible. Then set them free or you'll go crazy trying to cage them in.

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Jill Hunt said...

I think you are an awesome mom! Miss you!