Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A few months ago I went to the bakal back in Feneryolu, where we used to live, and I bought some bread. Yasar, the storekeeper, said something to me after my purchase and to me it sounded like “Aufwiedersehen”. I know, I know, that’s german, but that’s what it sounded like. For weeks I’ve been hearing it at restaurants and at people’s houses and I know it’s regarding food because that’s what Jonathan told me. So last night we went out to eat. The kids didn’t finish their meatballs, a typical Turkish meal, so we asked them to package it for us to take home. This afternoon when I grabbed the package to feed the kids for lunch what did I see?

All became clear in my mind. I could see everything spelled out for me in bold red. These are the moments in language learning that stick. I really know I should be doing more to learn. But I’m not. I am being 100% lazy about learning this language. There is no excuse for me. I know what it takes to learn a language. I’ve done it before. I’m dragging my feet, which is against what I believe about life. I’m all about moving. Moving in some direction, whichever it may be. Changing. Changes are always good. They either make you happier, or grateful for what you had before. I really should be studying Turkish. Goodbye.


Aimee said...

You sound just like me! I'm enrolling myself in Turkish language boot camp once I get back. Seriously. I'm going to deny myself some serious things (food, sleep, air, etc) until I fit in at least an hour of study each day. I swear, this language learning is just like diet and exercise. We all know what we need to do to get results, it is just so darn hard to get motivated to do it!

Sarah Asaftei... said...

so what other language(s) have you already learned? :)

my hubby and i keep saying we're going to learn another language together (he speaks Romanian, French and English, I speak English (duh) and Spanish).

We're thinking Italian... but then there's that pesky problem of actually sitting down to LEARN it...