Thursday, June 12, 2008


This morning we are going to McDonalds for breakfast. You may ask yourself if the Turkish McDonalds can actually boast a decent breakfast menu lacking pork. I too would like to know. In two hours I will. Despite the aspect of food, it is still exciting for us to make this small trip to McDonald’s. We are Americans. We grew up with McDonalds in our lives. As a child my father did the cooking every night. He also was the one who decided when we would get food out. It would either be Little Ceasars Pizza or McDonalds. Sometimes KFC. Anyway, we didn’t get fast food very often. Probably, two or three times a month. More, if we went on a road trip. Anyway, I always felt a little uncool as a child because we didn’t get fast food very often. My friends that were in my ballet class always went to McDonalds after class. I was always really excited when my mom couldn’t pick me up and I had to car pool with them. The point is, McDonalds has a special place in my heart, and always will. I think a little lower of people who bash McDonalds. Of course I know it isn’t healthy. I’m not stupid. Of course I know that it isn’t the best fast food in town. But no one can honestly say that they hate McDonalds food. The only people that can really say that are people that are afraid that other people will think they are fat if they mention McDonald’s. They need a special kind of help. Other people that are allowed to hate McDonalds are people that have worked there and people that have a medical reason for not being able to eat there.
There is just something about McDonalds that makes me feel right at home. The smell of coffee in the morning, my children are always happy there, and I can get something to eat that I am familiar with. How can a place that makes my children happy be all bad? By the way, I don’t drink coffee. I just like the smell.
I love McDonalds. The only thing that could make it lose its magic is eating there on a regular basis.


Aimee said...

Just this week our younger daughter asked us what a Big Mac was. Seriously. I guess we need to take that kid out more. It's just that I have a hard time choosing McDonald's over any other option. Does this make me a McDonald's hater?

Sonja said...

You're right. Nothing say "America, home sweet home" like a McDonald's in a foreign country to an American. I remember being SO excited whenever we got to go there when we lived in Germany. Then when we came back to the States the magic was gone. I won't say I hate Micky D'd though. :)

I like the smell of coffee in the morning too. (but I don't drink it either.) :)