Sunday, June 22, 2008

Husband's Day

Cinci's head is fine. He just fell over in the Kelty after we had placed it on the ground. Poor baby. Scratches, scrapes, bumps, bruises, bites, etc. Will it ever end?

Anyway, since I have no company at this moment I will write something that I should have a few weeks ago on Father's Day. (I think the world should consider celebrating a Husband's Day to include those men out there that have taken the plunge but have no children.) It's not easy being either. Ever since Jonathan saw me standing in UNO's pizzeria looking for a job in 1998 he wanted to be my husband. Looking back, every time he spoke with me, he did it with honesty and sincerity. I love that he doesn't put on a show or try to be more than he is. Even when I rejected him, he didn't change the way he treated me or spoke with me. Now that we have been married 6 years and he is the father of my three bears, he is still honest with me. Sensitive, patient, thoughtful, and self sacrificing. I don't think I have improved much since we've been married. I have acquired a fear of certain bugs and spiders. I have become more impatient with others. I nitpick at him if he doesn't cut his toenails. I am needy of his time. Surprisingly, he still likes to spend time with me. Time that I know he doesn't have if he is going to pursue all his dreams. Can you imagine? He's 28 and he still has dreams. He must be pursuing five different dreams right now. Here are his top ten:

1. He's ever so passionate about what he likes or hates. No lukewarm with Jonathan.

2. He cares about people.

3. He makes up clever song lyrics that make me laugh.

4. He loves to eat. If it weren't for him we would never set foot in a restaurant.

5. He ponders.

6. He spreads himself as thin as he can without losing his quality.

7. He knows everything there is to know about history. He also knows a lot about sharks, alligators, crocodiles, dinosaurs, astronomy, guns, and cars.

8. He doesn't care for sports. He just follows them just enough to make conversation. That means I've got him all to myself on Super Bowl Sunday and every other playoff day of any other professional sport.

9. He is fluent in five languages and can read eight.

10. I like to brag about him because he never will.

He is my absolute favorite person to spend time with and lately I've been planning out first week long vacation without our kids. Of course it won't happen for another ten to fifteen years but hey, I can dream right?

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Sarah Asaftei... said...

i like this so much, i think i'm going to write one about my husband too. you've inspired me... :)