Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Hello starshine!"
My baby is truly an angel baby. Look at his halo!
Okay, I guess I let him watch a little too much of Dragon Tales. Sorry Jah!
"Don't open it!!!! There's kryptonite inside!"
Oh goodness, I must expel all my feelings somewhere. I just feels so good to just write on this white screen. There are 36 days until I will see Jonathan again. What a relief! Life out in Provo has been pleasant, fun, great for the kids, exhausting, a time to focus, and many more things. Spending time with my extended family has been really fun. Knowing that I won't see them for a long time has really helped me to enjoy these moments a lot more. It has helped me not be such an uptight you know what! Okay, maybe I still am, but I'm trying to be better and be a little more easygoing. My husbands sister has let me stay with her for these past few months. Her and her large family. What generosity. I hope the chance will come that I can repay them somehow. My mom is doing the IMPOSSIBLE. She's actually coming with me to Turkey. You'd have to know my mom to understand why its so impossible, but the point is I am thankful. Marci is being a stellar friend lately and filling in the gaps where I can't seem to. Atticus is thankful that Marci has bigger muscles than me because that means that he can swing in the baby swings. I'm too weak to lift him into them. (Or too lazy). Uncle Billysticks has been a good uncle too. He brings out all his remote control gadgets for the kids to marvel at and lets them play Street Fighter II while I'm gone. (Should I be grateful for that?) And then there's my friendship spectrum. They keep me afloat when thoughts like "What should I do today?" occur.


Hillary said...

Those pictures are so cute! I love the superman pic!

Jill Hunt said...

It was good seeing you at church! Sorry I didn't get over to talk to you. Hope you are doing well!