Friday, February 29, 2008

Ode to Shermanicles

You might be asking,"What is she doing with his hair?!!!!!"
My answer is "Having fun....and yes, I do know that the tail thing was a style while I was in junior high."
I just had to do it for at least a little while. I had to do it to find out who my real friends are. Those who suddenly didn't want to hang out with me are now not my friends. Those who hung out with me are still my friends. Actually, no one failed the test. I don't think I have friends that are that shallow.
And now a short poem for my middle son:
Ode to Shermanicles

Oh, my sweet Shermy; sometimes in tears, mostly exploding
with joy about some naughtiness or other. You are always ready
for a hug, or a spank, or a song, or a story, or a snack, or a
smile, or a snuggle, just as long as its from me. No one else is
allowed into your club. My heart will ache when you decide
that I'm not the only one who's cool enough to be with. You'll
stop pounding on the baby's head, you'll stop checking on me
five times a night, you won't be behind me while I'm cooking,
and I won't see you climbing the stairs after me. I'll search
the horizon for you but all I'll hear is your giggle and joyful

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Anthony Family said...

Hey there! It has been a while! Your kids are so cute! I am glad I stumbled onto your blog, it is such a fun way to keep in touch. Our blog is
Sarah Anthony