Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Friendship Spectrum

Today was a real crapper! I was a grump and therefore my kids were grumps. Nothing really unpleasant happened today that caused my grumpiness. Shermie slept wellish last night. I think he's getting used to the fact that Daddy isn't here and that Mommy isn't going to leave him. I just have myself alone to blame. I think about how fast life flies by. I'm soooooo glad that I've done all the things I've done. I have such wonderful memories with such SPECIAL people. I think about them and I just want to do something perfect for them. Something that would make their unique lives a little easier. The interesting thing is that I don't think I have a bestest bestest friend (other than Jonathan) that I confide every little detail of my life to. I have several friends that I consider my top friends in the friendship spectrum. The funny thing is that I barely even speak to these people. What happens is that these people stay frozen in my mind as people that I've enjoyed life experiences with. Experiences that I will never forget and therefore I can never forget the people I had them with. So one of my sort-of resolutions is to try to make and keep contact with these special people that find themselves on the best pages of my life.
I find it fascinating the pathways people have taken in life. The way choices change our destinations. The way our attitude changes our perspective. One of my TOP friends has popped in and out of my life for the last 10 years. She and I are now just starting to get together weekly to play the guitar and sing. We both consider ourselves mildly talented. Talented enough not to disgust an audience. Unfortunately, we're both a little shy and it sucks! We're almost 30 years old and we're still too shy to sing and play in front of other adults. Isn't that lame? Well, this year we're going to get over it. I hope. Anyway, I love people and I love how different they are. I especially love how my friends are so different. Spicy, down home, sweet like sugar, practical, over analytical, theatrical, monotone, nerdy, etc.

P.S. OK Jonathan, I put the "nerdy" in there for you and I promise I'll post some pictures next time.


Jordan said...

I hope I'm in your spectrum. I'm so glad we've reconnected periodically since our fling in Europe!!! (:

Holly Messenger said...

Hi Christine! You're definitely in my spectrum! I still cherish the memories of that summer.
Your babies are absolutely adorable!!!
Are you still in Turkey?

Sunny said...

You're in my spectrum. I know what you mean about people becoming frozen in your mind. Let's get together and hang out. And I think you should find an event to play the guitar at - I think you have a great voice and play well.

Sonja said...

You and your friend could come over and do a private concert for me if you want to practice!!! I would love it, because I KNOW that you have a gorgeous voice and are excellent on the guitar.

Just remember the little people when you're famous. :D

You're also in my spectrum. I'm SO glad to know you and feel my life is better because of it.