Thursday, December 20, 2007

How many times have you recognized the intervention of Gods hand in your life for the purpose of saving your marriage? I don't really pay attention because I think my marriage is fine almost all of the time except for those unoccasional crises that I think everyone has. Yesterday Jonathan and I received a Christmas box from my parents. One of the presents was an envelope full of gift cerificates and other goodies for us to enjoy. Anyway, we decided to take the kids to the Bee Movie. You must know that I am notorious for losing things. It's horrible. Don't put any important thing in my hands. I'm the worst with keys, credit cards, passports, money. Anything small. Anyway, as we were walking into the movie theatre I realized that I didn't have the envelope. Ahhhhh! I told Jonathan and it was apparent that he was perturbed. Quite perturbed. Who wouldn't be? We love movies and we haven't been to one in three months. I know for some people this is normal but me and Jonathan used to go to movies almost weekly before we went to Turkey. I tried to remember where I had put it. Sadly, I was able to remember. I had left it on top of the car as I was fastening the kids in their car seats. It was most likely strewn about a street that was between the theatre and the house. I acted hopeful even though I wasn't really. Jonathan didn't even want to try to look for it but I insisted. We drove home as quickly as we could but it felt like we were driving through clear jello. Time slowed down. The stoplights were against us and so were the children. I pictured a lone teenager walking home from school, head down, headphones on, with a sudden glimpse of a envelope decorated with holly leaves. Sudden joy! I began to suspect every streetwalker as the finder of our treasure. To finish the story, the envelope was found on a street near our house completely intact. Happiness was restored to the passengers in the car and the driver but especially to me. I don't really think this situation would have ruined our marriage but I'm sure glad we found that envelope. I believe in God and I like to think he made the envelope invisible for everyone who passed by in our absence. On the way back to the theatre Jonathan blamed womens fashions.
-Womens fashions are really to blame. Why can't they put pockets on womens pants?

-They don't want to emphasize the butt.

-Well, front pockets then or side ones.

-The hips, the hips.

I don't use a purse either so its inevitable for me to lose things. Thank you Heavenly Father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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