Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas was a success! Of course, there is always a bit of drama but we didn't let that get us down. We started off with crazy kids trying to sneak into the room with all the presents. We locked them all back up in their bedroom until everyone was ready. Strangely, everyone else in our family took showers and got all dressed up for the day. Jonathan and I were the only adults that had the mentality "We aren't even going out of the house today, why bother looking clean?" I don't use the word "decent" because having a shower does not automatically mean that you'll look decent. At least for us. After that, we added a bit of vomit to the scene. Cinci finally got whatever Atticus and Shermie had. Then we began the festivities of the day! The kids all did a nativity scene. Atticus and Ewan fought over who got to ride on the donkey (Jonathan). Then all of them ripped open gifts with momentary joy and a tad of spoilage. At least they weren't fighting with eachother. My favorite parts of Christmas this year were first, Atticus got to make gifts this year for everyone. I think he sort of got the idea that you're supposed to give gifts to other people to make them happy. He passed them out to everyone. It was very cute. And my other favorite part was a small excursion Ja and I took with our two older kids and our niece Anna to the dark forest on the mountain. Together, we called it Mordor!!!!!! It was terrrrrrific, in the literal sense of the word. We saw spiders and mushrooms. I consider them equally scary. Then we saw humongous leaves. In the Saratoga Hills it is still Fall. I suggested to Jonathan that we should camp for Christmas someday. He said "No". Oh well.

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