Thursday, November 15, 2007

For Tijen

Dear Tijen,
I arrived in Turkey on September 20, 2007. I remember flying in on the airplane and seeing your beautiful city below. I could see the city lights reflecting off the waters of the Sea of Marmara. Jonathan and I managed to carry our three drowsy children out of the airplane and into the airport. We lost two suitcases somewhere along the way, but we decided that being all together as a family was the most important thing. The Turkish men were so helpful and friendly, even at 1 AM. We took a taxi to our hotel. Our six pieces of luggage plus the stroller almost didn't fit in the taxi. We made it to the hotel and surprisingly the children still wanted to sleep. This has been the most miraculous trip I have ever heard of. Our three children did not suffer from jet lag at all and our two lost suitcases showed up the very next day at our hotel. I think that our little family is meant to be in Turkey for some special reason. I will see you on Monday. Love,

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