Friday, September 21, 2007

We're here That's all I can tell you right now We are alive and well and are still at the hotel we started at Right now we're looking for an apartment I will post a REAL post when I have more time


Sonja said...

I'm so glad you made it okay! Thanks for the letter! :D
much love,

DaddyBrad said...

Great you made it OK, It must have been an adventure getting there.
DaddyBrad and MommyBomm
P.S. We miss you, MommyBommy is going into withdrawal

Peter said...

Hooray!! We are glad you are all there. What hotel are you staying at? Is it in Istanbul? How are the bears doing? Please post some pics soon.
We will miss you at Anna's party on Saturday :( It's a princess party again...I'm sure your boys would love it.

Pete, Wends, Anna, Ewan, Cecily, Fiona Clementine.

Sunny said...

So glad you made it safely! Hope the apartment hunt goes quickly.