Saturday, June 16, 2007

"Maybe we'll just go to Turkey for one year and then to Scotland to do the masters program there"
What a relief! Not that I don't want to go to Turkey. I really do but I just don't want to be the supportive, bases all covered wife that I feel the pressure to be here while he's still in school. I won't speak the language and I'll be sad every time he walks out the door in the morning.
His proposition sounded much more enticing than spending three years in Turkey while he does a second masters in Ottoman history.
I'm hoping that the Turks will be a little like the Spaniards. Laid back, always looking for an excuse for a holiday. Jonathan and I took an extensive road trip all around the Iberian peninsula and stopped off at obscure places like Cabo Finisterre in Galicia and Covadonga, the supposed birthplace of the Reconquest. Our car got towed and the muffler fell off in the process but what an adventure to look back on.

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